Level 2 Health & Care


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Is your workplace free of hazards? Do you understand the risks that exist in the workplace? The Level 2 Health & Care course will focus on workplace risks and hazards, as well as why it is essential to implement health and safety measures to keep employees safe.

The qualification will cover the basic concepts of health and safety, as well as how to protect the workplace with proper health and safety policies. The course will cover topics such as the importance of health and safety policies, how to create a safe workplace, how to avoid compromising on health and safety, conducting risk assessments, avoiding accidents, manual handling of operations regulations, learning first aid, and understanding fire safety in the event of accidents and emergencies.

Learners who have completed the Level 1 course can advance to Level 2 Health & Care. It is the employer’s responsibility to keep their work environment safe so that their employees’ health and safety are not compromised or risked. Individuals will gain a thorough understanding of the health and safety rules and regulations applied in workplaces in the UK.

Learning Outcomes of Health and Care

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the value and importance of workplace health and safety.
  • Know the potential consequences of substandard health and safety.
  • Know how to effectively identify and resolve potential hazards in the workplace.
  • Know how to establish and maintain a proactive health and safety culture.
  • Know how to prepare and implement business-wide health and safety strategies.
  • Gain advanced knowledge of essential health and safety standards/legislation.

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