Diet and nutrition are critical in maintaining good health and avoiding many disorders. A Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 programme is designed to give an in-depth understanding of food and nutrition. This Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 will give individuals the required abilities. To provide nutritional advice, help individuals and families, and make informed health decisions. The Value of Proper Nutrition Nutrition is critical for health and well-being. A well-balanced diet rich in nutrient-dense meals supplies the body with energy and nutrients. A good diet can help to avoid chronic diseases. Including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers, as well as enhanced mental health and happiness.

The Benefits of Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5

A profession in food and nutrition may be lucrative and enjoyable since it allows people to make a difference in people’s lives. Dietitians and nutritionists are in great demand, and the business will likely expand. This  Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 prepares individuals to work in various settings. Including private practice, health clinics, and community health centres.

With this  Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5, you can transform your passion for food into a method to assist others in enhancing their well-being. And a rising number of people are concerned about what they eat. As a result, you’ll be able to help these people better their health. Giving you a sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Because of the rising cost of living, you need steady employment to guarantee you have enough money to support yourself and your family. Because of the scale of the food market, studying Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 ensures this. Consequently, you will have a job somewhere along the supply chain. And, with so many firms searching for nutritionists, you may be assured that an organisation will always need your skills.

Learning outcomes

This Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 may include the following learning outcomes:

  • Skills in Dietary Planning

  • Knowledge of Nutrition and Health

  • Knowledge of Food Science

  • Understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Practical Understanding

  • Contact Skills

  • Research and Evidence-Based Technique

  • Understanding of Food Safety and Hygiene

Who is Diet and Nutrition Advanced course for?

This advanced Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 is ideal for anyone wanting to turn a lifelong interest in diet and human health into a rewarding career. It was designed with total flexibility and accessibility in mind, and it is suitable for both newcomers to the subject and existing members of the workforce. Whether you want to get your first professional job, progress up the career ladder, or establish your own diet and nutrition business from the ground up, the teachings and industry insights in this course will be invaluable.

Why Choose Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5 Course from Us

  • Self-paced course, access available from anywhere.

  • Easy to understand, high-quality study materials.

  • Course developed by industry experts.

  • MCQ quiz after each module to assess your learning.

  • Automated and instant assessment results.

  • 24/7 support via live chat, phone call or email.

  • Free PDF certificate as soon as completing the course.

Entry Requirement

There are no specific requirements for this course because it does not require any advanced knowledge or skills.

Students who intend to enrol in this course must meet the following requirements:

  • Good command of the English language

  • Must be vivacious and self-driven

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • A minimum of 16 years of age is required

Assessment Method

After completing each module of the Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma Level 5, you will find automated MCQ quizzes. To unlock the next module, you need to complete the quiz task and get at least 60% marks. Once you complete all the modules in this manner, you will be qualified to request your certification.


After completing the MCQ/Assignment assessment for this course, you will be entitled to a Certificate of Completion from Training Tale. It will act as proof of your extensive professional development. The certificate is in PDF format, which is completely free to download. A printed version is also available upon request. It will also be sent to you through a courier for £13.99.

Career Path

Diet and nutrition is a field with limitless scope for self-employment and freelance job opportunities. Successful candidates can pursue a more formal position such as:

  • Sports Nutritionist

  • Health Coach

  • Holistic Nutritionist

  • Public Health Nutritionist


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Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Nutrition
Introduction to Nutrition 00:25:00
Module 01 Final Quiz Exam – Introduction to Nutrition 00:10:00
Module 02: Fundamentals of Nutrition-I
Fundamentals of Nutrition-I 00:25:00
Module 02 Final Quiz Exam – Fundamentals of Nutrition-I 00:10:00
Module 03: Fundamentals of Nutrition- II
Fundamentals of Nutrition- II 00:11:00
Module 03 Final Quiz Exam – Fundamentals of Nutrition- II 00:10:00
Module 04: Digestion and Detoxification
Digestion and Detoxification 00:14:00
Module 04 Final Quiz Exam – Digestion and Detoxification 00:10:00
Module 05: Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders 00:24:00
Module 05 Final Quiz Exam – Eating Disorders 00:10:00
Module 06: Maintaining a Balanced Diet
Maintaining a Balanced Diet 00:20:00
Module 06 Final Quiz Exam – Maintaining a Balanced Diet 00:10:00
Module 07: Basis of Healthy Eating
Basis of Healthy Eating 00:24:00
Module 07 Final Quiz Exam – Basis of Healthy Eating 00:10:00
Module 08: Nutrition and the Immune System
Nutrition and the Immune System 00:20:00
Module 08 Final Quiz Exam – Nutrition and the Immune System 00:10:00
Module 09: Understanding the Diet Related Diseases
Understanding the Diet Related Diseases 00:13:00
Module 09 Final Quiz Exam – Understanding the Diet Related Diseases 00:10:00
Module 10: Understanding Women’s Health
Understanding Women’s Health 00:12:00
Module 10 Final Quiz Exam – Understanding Women’s Health 00:10:00
Module 11: Necessity of Nutrition for Different People
Necessity of Nutrition for Different People 00:24:00
Module 11 Final Quiz Exam – Necessity of Nutrition for Different People 00:10:00
Module 12: Controlling Weight
Controlling Weight 00:16:00
Module 12 Final Quiz Exam – Controlling Weight 00:10:00
Module 13: Managing Weight Loss
Managing Weight Loss 00:40:00
Module 13 Final Quiz Exam – Managing Weight Loss 00:10:00
Module 14: Techniques Applied for Anti-ageing
Techniques Applied for Anti-ageing 00:19:00
Module 14 Final Quiz Exam – Techniques Applied for Anti-ageing 00:10:00
Module 15: The Function of a Nutritionist
The Function of a Nutritionist 00:19:00
Module 15 Final Quiz Exam – The Function of a Nutritionist 00:10:00

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