Working in Confined Spaces




If you work in confined spaces or are responsible for people who do, this course is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge for performing routine procedures such as entering and exiting confined spaces.

This Working in Confined Spaces qualification can benefit professionals from a range of industries, such as:

  • Trades
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Health and Safety

Throughout this Working in Confined Spaces course, you will learn the regulatory requirements and responsibilities, as well as the consequences of ignoring hazards. You will also gain a solid understanding of risk assessment steps and will be able to implement control measures. This Working in this course will enlighten you by providing an overview of the safe work system and emergency procedures.

Moreover, successful completion of this Working in this course will not only help you understand the capabilities of rescuers but will also assist you in developing your career if you are working in a confined space so that you will be able to efficiently get in, perform the necessary job, and work to safely exit that confined space.

Learning Outcomes for Confined Spaces Course

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the dangers of working within confined spaces.
  • Understand the law regarding working.
  • Know the procedures to assess and address risks.
  • Identify imposed regulatory practices and employer responsibilities.
  • Understand how to take necessary protective measures or conduct emergency procedures.

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