Nurse Assistant: Why it’s a great choice for you

Are you interested in the field of nurse assistants? Do you want to work in medical care but need help deciding which path to take? Do you want to know what it takes to start this excellent career? The nursing assistant career path is popular for those who wish to start working soon. But this does not imply that the position is only mundane or dull! Becoming a nursing assistant may be a terrific first step towards a fulfilling medical career.

Nursing is also not for those who have faint of heart. The challenges of being a nurse include not just being accepted into and completing nursing school but also dealing with the ups and downs of the profession when working in the field. Nursing, with its busy schedules, long hours, and focus on the well-being of others, may be emotionally and physically taxing. You must face illness and death with a bold front. But this is a potentially rewarding position! So, join us as we explore the world of nurse assistants, shedding light on their vital role in healthcare and how you may become one.

Nurse assistant Introduction

What is a Nurse Assistant? What does a nursing assistant do?

A nurse assistant is also known as a nursing assistant or nurse aide. They are critical members of the healthcare team that directly supports patients. Thus, while under registered nurses’ watch. 

Nursing assistants do many duties. For example, they are responsible for measuring a patient’s vital signs. They also help bedridden people eat, bathe, and dress. The patient’s primary point of contact is often a certified nurse assistant throughout the day. They spend hours with the patient, providing them with all the emotional support they need.

Moreover, a nursing assistant may also be required to do extra tasks. It can be as simple as dispensing medication, depending on institutional policies. A nursing assistant’s job is emotionally satisfying since it may improve the patient’s quality of life. The need for qualified nurses is global. You will have the chance to work regardless of where you are. But, if you’re interested in this career, you’ll need to understand the day-to-day tasks required in the role and the traits that you must cultivate within yourself to succeed. Nursing assistants often support patients with their everyday health and activities. Yet, the specific roles and tasks vary depending on where they work. Some of the duties that you will need to manage are:

  • Giving medicine to your patients.
  • Bathe and clean patients frequently.
  • Dressing patients every day.
  • Serving food to patients.
  • Repositioning patients regularly.
  • Emptying the bedpan.
  • Changing bed sheets.
  • Monitoring vital signs.
  • Responding to patient calls and requests.
  • Regular sanitation of patient rooms.
  • Recording information about the state of the patients under your care.

So, after a few years of working as a certified nursing assistant, you can pursue a career in nursing. Registered nurses earn considerably more than nursing assistants.

How to become a nursing assistant?

Step 1: Evaluate Your Personal Qualities

Check out your characteristics. Analyse whether you have the passion to pursue a career in this field. Focus on something other than the financial aspects of this profession. Focus on the workload, job pressure, and personal abilities and traits required. Plus, you will have to consider your ability to interact with patients and physicians, patience, communication skills, compassion for others, and attention to detail for this job.

So, if you enjoy helping people and want to make a difference in their lives, a nurse assistant is for you!

Step; 2 Qualification: 

The minimum qualification for becoming a CNA is a high school diploma or equivalent. To get certified, you must also finish a state-recognised education programme.

You must register for a three-year educational program leading to a nursing program. This will be deemed a UK level one nurse. Different universities in the UK provide specific nursing courses. Some provide scholarships. Completing your bachelor’s degree will take around three years. You can do that, or you can enrol in one of the courses to begin your path towards becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Our Training Tale provides an online nursing assistant course. Because it is online, you can take this course from anywhere and at your own pace. The training covers all the intricacies, concepts, and principles of being a nursing assistant. Thus, completing this nurse assistant course will give you all the abilities needed to become a certified nursing assistant. The training also comes with a recognised diploma. An automated exam system will assess you at the end of the course.

These nursing assistant courses provide you with 24/7 online help whenever you need it. This nursing assistant certificate course lasts only 9 hours and 35 minutes, but the benefits are priceless. So, this course will help you advance your career as a certified nursing assistant. 

Moreover, the best feature of this training is that you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications. Anyone can start this course at any time and from any location. Moreover, the cost of this course was £600.00, but we have an offer going on right now, and the cost of this course is only £21.99! So, it is cheap compared to other places and very high quality. Plus, we have many offers for you if you buy this course from us.

Step 3: Apply for internships.

Now, it’s time to get some real-world experience. So, now that you know everything, there is much to learn about nursing assistants. It’s time to put that information into practice. Hence, you should apply for an internship at any hospital. During your internship, you will gain hands-on experience as a nursing assistant.

You will be paid for your work as an intern. However, the amount may differ from hospital to hospital. Your employer and the lowest possible salary for the internship will also establish it.

Benefits of Becoming a nurse assistant

Making a Real Difference:

Witnessing your incredible influence on patients’ lives is unquestionably the most rewarding component of being a nurse assistant. So, from assisting a patient in regaining strength after surgery to just bringing a smile to their face with a kind remark. Hence, you will provide comfort and support during their often challenging times. So, knowing you’re improving their well-being and quality of life gives you a great sense of accomplishment and purpose.

 Job Security and Growth:

The healthcare industry is growing, and nurse assistants are in high demand in many situations. Moreover, according to, this profession’s 10-year predicted growth rate is 17%. This results in good job stability for jobs for CNAS, especially for entry-level workers. Thus, there is an increased demand for a nurse assistant to enter the industry. Hence, it will make job stability simpler. Furthermore, the nurse assistant certification you will gain from our course will provide a solid basis for professional progression. If you find yourself in a position where you need to move, there will be CNA employment available wherever you go.

Flexible Work Options:

CNAs have flexible work schedules. Hospitals provide shifts spanning from mornings to evenings and nights. Meanwhile, nursing homes and home healthcare companies frequently provide part-time and on-call work. This flexibility enables you to combine your profession with your personal life. It can be whether you’re pursuing more education, caring for your family, or simply seeking a healthy work-life balance. A work-life balance is vital for your mental health, so look for a position that allows you to be flexible.

Strong Skill Development in Nurse Assistant:

As a nurse assistant, you’ll learn a wide range of skills that will be useful both inside and outside of the healthcare industry. You’ll learn to communicate, manage time, solve problems, and think critically. Moreover, you will receive hands-on experience delivering primary medical care, giving prescriptions, and carrying out necessary procedures. Hence, these abilities improve your professional resume and enable you to face real-life circumstances confidently.

Personal Growth and Learning as a Nurse Assistant:

Working with patients from varied backgrounds exposes you to various life events and setbacks. This encourages empathy, understanding, and compassion. Thus resulting in personal growth and a larger perspective on life. So, you will continuously learn about healthcare, human anatomy, and effective communication. Hence, it will keep your mind active and interested.

Collaboration and teamwork:

Nursing assistant work is rarely done with others. You’ll collaborate with and support nurses, physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals. This sense of solidarity fosters deep ties and makes even difficult conditions manageable. Sharing experiences, collaborating to solve issues, and celebrating successes all contribute to a nice and engaging work environment.

Competitive Pay and Benefits:

While not the primary motive, nurse assistants get excellent pay and benefit packages. Depending on your region, expertise, and company, you should receive competitive compensation, health insurance, paid time off, and retirement programs. This financial stability provides peace of mind and lets you concentrate on your professional and personal goals. So, you may be wondering how much a nurse assistant makes. As said above, it depends on location, experience, and healthcare institute. So, depending upon that, you can expect to get around £18,000 – £25,000. An experienced nurse assistant can expect to get £35,000 – £40,000 on average.


Finally, pursuing a job as a nurse assistant provides several perks and incentives. Becoming a nurse assistant is more than a job. It is a meaningful career that gives security, fulfilment, and the opportunity to impact the lives of others positively. It can be whether you’re just starting as a nurse assistant or looking for ways to develop your career. Thus, nursing aid has much to offer people who want to make a difference in healthcare.

Moreover, if you enjoy helping others and are searching for a fulfilling healthcare career, being a nurse assistant might be the right fit. Furthermore, our nursing assistant course can make your path to becoming a nurse assistant much easier for you! So, what are you waiting for? Join now in the nursing assistant course to get a headstart on the path of a nurse assistant! 

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