Essential Qualities of a Great Teaching Assistant


Being a teaching assistant is a very rewarding profession. That demands a lot of talent and devotion.
A teaching assistant assists instructors in the classroom or other educational settings. To be successful, all outstanding teaching assistants should have specific attributes.

In this blog article, we will look at the attributes. That makes a great TA and is why they are vital to look for while looking for teaching assistant jobs.

To be effective as a TA, you must have specific traits. A good teaching assistant should be well-organized, patient, and communicative. Thus, they must be able to think on their feet and manage various activities.
So, in this blog article, we’ll go over some of the most important attributes of a great teaching assistant and how to cultivate them.

Responsibilities of Being a Teaching Assistant:

Your experience, training, and teaching assistant status will determine your responsibilities. In general, you will need to:

  • Assist students in engaging in learning and staying on target throughout a class or activity.
  • Assist students’ social and emotional development, reporting any difficulties as needed
  • To help the instructor manage problematic student behaviour and promote positive behaviour
  • Pay attention to the students. Read to students in
  • a class, group, or one-on-one.
  • Check and record students’ development and offer teachers thorough and regular feedback.
  • Carry out administrative chores. For example, classroom preparation and cleanup after class guarantee successful teaching.
  • Take after students who have had accidents, offering first aid as needed and those who need assistance dressing or are disturbed.
  • Provide materials for instructors and students to use, and produce art showcases showcasing student artwork.
  • Assisting outside of your regular courses. For example, assisting with examinations, replacing TA absences, or participating in school trips.
  • Assist with extracurricular activities such as breakfast and after-school clubs, homework groups, revision sessions, or playtime and lunchtime tasks.

As a higher-level teaching assistant, you’ll also need to:

  • Deliver tailored teaching activities to pupils one-on-one or in small groups.
  • Under the supervision of the teacher, you will lead certain class activities.
  • Attend classes, giving teachers time to plan and grade assignments.
  • Help with the planning of lessons.
  • Supervise other support staff.
  • Coordinate specific areas of teaching support.

With experience, you may specialize in reading, numeracy, or special education.
If you are multilingual, you might specialize in dealing with children whose first language is not English.

Skills of Being An Effective Teaching Assistant:

You’ll need the following items:

  • a good attitude toward dealing with children, as well as the capacity to encourage, inspire and establish rapport
  • a significant concern for the safety and well-being of students
  • Respect for diversity since you will be dealing with students from various backgrounds.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills are required. To establish relationships with students, parents, instructors, and governors.
  • reading, writing, and math abilities
  • ability to be creative
  • patience
  • You must be adaptable since you will participate in various school-related work. For example, cooking, art and science tasks, and forest school.
  • organizational abilities
  • a professional work attitude
  • A willingness to stay current on educational policies and training relevant to your position.

The ability to develop relationships with students

A teaching assistant must be able to create positive relationships with the kids with whom they work.
You should create a warm, approachable environment. Where students feel comfortable asking questions. Engaging in meaningful dialogues as a higher-level teaching assistant.

This may achieve through fostering mutual trust and respect. Recognizing student needs and listening to their input.
When students trust and appreciate their teacher’s aide, they are more inclined to open up and share their thoughts and viewpoints.

Strong relationships with students assist in establishing a feeling of community. Which motivates kids to study and grow. Teaching assistants must give students direction, support, and constructive criticism to help them grow properly.

A Positive Attitude

One of the most significant skills for a teaching assistant is a good attitude. A fantastic TA is usually upbeat and friendly. They can keep a nice manner regardless of the scenario. As do online teaching assistant courses, TA positions in London need this.

Students will likely engage in the learning process if not greeted with negativity. Thus, having a positive attitude motivates them to realize their full potential.

It also contributes to a more comfortable and safe learning environment for pupils.
Finally, having a good attitude may lead to improved connections with coworkers. Since they can trust your talents and regard you as a reliable team member.

The Ability to Communicate Effectively

Communication is essential in every teaching assistant position. You must be able to communicate knowledge to pupils and as a teaching assistant. It is critical to be able to listen to what pupils have to say to give them appropriate help. You should also be able to convey complicated subjects in simple terms.

Speaking is also beneficial when interacting with other instructors, administrators, and parents.
Teaching assistants must improve and refine their communication skills. Since they are accountable for assisting students in learning.

Teaching assistant positions include multitasking, so being organized and capable of managing many things is vital.
Detail-orientedness is also required. TAs must pay attention to even the tiniest things when dealing with pupils. They must also be outstanding problem solvers to swiftly resolve student difficulties.

Teaching assistant roles also include patience. Teaching assistants must maintain their cool in the face of student misbehaviour or bewilderment.

Finally, being proactive can help teach assistants to flourish in their roles. They should search for ways to increase their responsibilities and contribute to their classrooms.

The Ability to be Organized

The organization is necessary for a great teaching assistant to complete the task.
Teaching assistants must be able to manage their time and keep organized with the work allotted to them.
An organized approach also helps ensure that lessons are prepared.  All teaching assistant courses online and other associated resources are ready for use.

TAs should be able to track student progress and activities. They have done and comprehended their responsibilities.
A higher-level TA often has more tasks than a standard teaching assistant. Making the organization even more necessary.

Teaching assistant positions in London and around the UK may need a teaching assistant.  To juggle many responsibilities and activities, so being able to keep track of everything is essential.

How to Become a Teaching Assistant

If you desire to become a Teaching Assistant, there are many stages you may take to get there. The first step is to research online teaching assistant courses.

This is an opportunity to learn about the position’s essential skills and credentials and how to engage with students. Awareness of the many roles and duties within a school context is also beneficial.

After your training, you should look for teaching assistant positions in London or other regions. Where you may get experience and exhibit your talents. Some positions, such as Higher Level Teaching Assistant, may need further credentials (HLTA). These credentials are required for persons aspiring to positions of leadership. Thus it is worthwhile to conduct extensive study in this field.

After gaining experience as a Teaching Assistant, consider pursuing your education to get other certifications. A Learning Support Worker or Special Educational Needs Coordinator is also available.

Whatever path you take, be sure you have the mindset, skill set, and certifications. To become a great Teaching Assistant. With hard effort and determination, you may find yourself in a successful and gratifying position.


  • Full-time, permanent Teaching Assistants (level 1) normally start at approximately £18,300.
  • Earnings for greater responsibility (level 2) range from £18,880 to £19,000.
  • Level 3 experienced TAs and those with extra specialisms or SEN responsibilities can earn between £19,260 and £25,000.

Many TAs work on part-time, term-time-only, or temporary contracts, so their real take-home compensation is much lower.

Some suppliers only pay term-time compensation, which means your income is pro-rated (a proportion of the stated full-time salary). It would be best if you were paid every month.

Your income as a teaching assistant will vary depending on your position, duties, and educational setting.
If you work through an educational recruiting agency, your income may be greater because many are looking for graduates. Work, but could be more assured and lasting.

What do You Know About Primary Teaching?

A job in elementary education may be fulfilling. Leading students through the crucial early stages of their educational journey. Primary teaching is to help students develop their cognitive, linguistic, and numerical abilities. By encouraging them to take part in classroom activities using innovative teaching tactics.

Primary teaching positions are available in various educational contexts. Including public, private, religious, and specialized schools.

Primary teachers provide students with academic, personal, and knowledge skills. They need to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

Primary teachers are responsible for three age groups:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (ages 3 to 5) (EYFS)
  • Key Stage 1 – 5 to 7 years (KS1)
  • Key Stage 2: 7 to 11 years (KS2)

Primary teachers engage children with their expertise and passion. Enabling them to love learning, feel confident in their talents, and enjoy their accomplishments from an early age.

Primary teachers assist in motivating students of all levels. To explore and research educational subjects. From Math and English to Music and Physical Education (P.E. ), they use dynamic and engaging teaching methods to bring national curriculum subjects to life.

A Primary Teacher’s role outside the classroom is collaborating with colleagues. To plan and prepare coursework following curriculum rules.

They also work with parents and caregivers to provide kids with a conducive learning environment at home and school. This was especially critical in 2020 and 2021 when Primary Teachers had to adjust to a new way of engaging with colleagues, students, and parents via online learning.

Computers are an indispensable aspect of education. The transition to virtual classrooms demonstrated the significance of technology.

Working Hours of Teaching Assistant

Working hours are normally throughout the school day, Monday through Friday, during term time.
You may expect to work early morning or after school. If you support extracurricular activities like breakfast club or after-school care.

Besides your regular working hours, you may need to attend training days or parents’ nights. Some schools offer summer activities in which you might take part. This is paid to your regular income.
Half-term and summer vacations are often considered part of your vacation allowance.

Taking time off throughout the school year is restricted, and you must provide a valid cause for your absence.
Employment contracts in this industry vary widely. It is usual to work part-time or share jobs.

Permanent contracts exist, but many institutions provide fixed-term or temporary contracts. That is evaluated following the needs of the school or the students. These are when your primary responsibility is to assist a specific student.


A Teaching Assistant (TA) is an important member of the educational system who assists instructors and pupils in the classroom. Their responsibilities include assisting with class preparation. Providing customized attention to students and grading projects and tests.

The following fundamental traits are required to be an excellent TA:

  • Exceptional academic credentials
  • Relevant work experience
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • Capability to operate as part of a tea
  • Explaining topics with patience and clarity
  • Excellent organizing skills
  • A strong interest in the subject

Teaching assistants with these characteristics can significantly influence the educational process and create a good and productive learning environment.


What teaching assistant qualifications do I need?

While there are no set prerequisites for teaching assistant positions, an increasing number of schools are aiming to hire workers with experience.

Most schools demand workers to have at least A-level qualifications. While university graduates are likely to apply for these positions.

The qualifications for each teaching assistant position may vary by school. But, you should highlight any examples of working with children when applying, as this will be looked at favourably. During an interview, you will need to show professional abilities and expertise.

How can I become a teaching assistant without experience?

Despite lacking experience, persons contemplating a career shift can become teaching assistants. There are several recognized knowledge-based training courses available. To enhance TA growth, including:

  • Level 2 Teaching Assistant Certificate
  • Level 2 Award in Support Work
  • Level 3 Award in Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma

You should seek courses approved by Ofqual since they will give your teaching assistant job application much weight.

You may explore our available positions here or submit your CV. Your local education recruiting specialist will contact you shortly.

What are the benefits of being a Teaching Assistant?

The chance to improve the abilities indicated in the preceding section is the most crucial advantage of working as a TA. Hence, these talents can be listed on your resume or curriculum vitae. Which you will send to potential employers or graduate school admissions committees.

Another significant advantage of working as a Teaching Assistant is collaborating with a faculty member. If you do your obligations, your teacher will find it simple to explain your performance in a letter of recommendation.

Another advantage of becoming a TA is that you will have the opportunity to better grasp the content covered in the course than you did as a student.

Can Teaching Assistants lead their classes?

It varies by institution and Teaching Assistant job. However certain TAs may be able to lead their courses or lectures under the supervision of the main teacher.

What is the difference between a TA and a grader?

As opposed to a grader who handles grading papers and tests. A teaching assistant has more responsibilities and provides more help to the teacher and students.

How long is a typical TA contract or appointment?

A TA contract or appointment might vary in length, although it is for one academic term or semester.

Some teaching assistant roles may be extended for many terms.

Can international students be TAs?

International students who meet the appropriate standards and have the necessary visa status to work in the country may be able to serve as Teaching Assistants.

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