Enrolling in our Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health course could be the first step toward changing your perspective about your interaction with food. With the Foresight Study predicting that 60% of men, 50% of women, and 25% of children will be obese by 2050, the information provided in this course will help you to combat this growing epidemic and lower the number of people who miss work, become unwell, or need care due to obesity.

This award will help you broaden your existing knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health, so you can effectively identify which foods are great energy sources, plan balanced meals for the family, and understand the roles of nutrients and how they can encourage a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, you will gain skills that are transferable to the workplace. Skills that will help you identify and deal with a range of special dietary requirements and pursue a career working in food, health, and the care of children and the elderly.

Learning Outcomes for Nutrition and Health Course

After completing this course, the learner will be able to – 

    • Identify which foods are a great energy source.
    • Calculate energy requirements.
    • Recognise the roles of nutrients in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.
    • Plan balanced meals for the whole family (as well as learn the nutritional recommendations for children).
    • Identify and deal with special dietary requirements.
    • Read the nutritional information on labels and the meaning behind guidelines, daily amounts and nutrition.
    • Compare foods and drinks, and ensure to consume the recommended amounts.

Who is Nutrition and Health course for?

This course is ideal for learners with some prior knowledge of nutrition who want to improve their understanding of nutrition and healthy eating.

Why Choose Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health Course from Us

    • Self-paced course, access available from anywhere.
    • Easy to understand, high-quality study materials.
    • Course developed by industry experts.
    • MCQ quiz after each module to assess your learning.
    • Automated and instant assessment results.
    • 24/7 support via live chat, phone call or email.
    • Free PDF certificate as soon as completing the course.

Entry Requirement

There are no specific requirements for Nutrition and Health course because it does not require any advanced knowledge or skills.

Students who intend to enrol in this course must meet the following requirements:

    • Good command of the English language
    • Must be vivacious and self-driven
    • Basic computer knowledge
    • A minimum of 16 years of age is required

Assessment Method

After completing each module of the Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health, you will find automated MCQ quizzes. To unlock the next module, you need to complete the quiz task and get at least 60% marks. Once you complete all the modules in this manner, you will be qualified to request your certification.


After completing the MCQ/Assignment assessment for this course, you will be entitled to a Certificate of Completion from Training Tale. It will act as proof of your extensive professional development. The certificate is in PDF format, which is completely free to download. A printed version is also available upon request. It will also be sent to you through a courier for £13.99.

Career Path of Nutrition and Health

This course will prepare you to start a career as:

    • Nutritionist
    • Dietician
    • Personal Trainer

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Explore Principles of Healthy Eating
Explore Principles of Healthy Eating 01:00:00
Module 01 Final Quiz Exam – Explore Principles of Healthy Eating 00:10:00
Module 02: Consider Nutritional Needs of a Variety of Individuals
Consider Nutritional Needs of a Variety of Individuals 00:52:00
Module 02 Final Quiz Exam – Consider Nutritional Needs of a Variety of Individuals 00:10:00
Module 03: Use Food and Nutrition Information to Plan a Healthy Diet
Use Food and Nutrition Information to Plan a Healthy Diet 00:39:00
Module 03 Final Quiz Exam – Use Food and Nutrition Information to Plan a Healthy Diet 00:10:00

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  1. Brilliant course


    Brilliant course and very informative. It provides you with everything you need to know. I would definitely recommend to those who want to know more about nutrition!

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    Good job, just as first step. Very good to improve your knowledge.

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