Are you passionate about fitness and want to turn your passion into a career? Look no further than our Gym Instructor course!

Our Gym Instructor comprehensive course is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful Gym Instructor. 

Benefits of taking this course

Our thorough Gym Instructor training will help you to gain basic information about the list of exercises. You will obtain a comprehensive grasp of the workout and fitness plans. You will also learn how to design tailored exercise plans for clients based on their fitness objectives. You will also learn how to measure their fitness levels and inspire them to meet their objectives.

The Gym instructor course is delivered by experienced fitness professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. They will provide you with feedback and support, and ensure that you are ready to take on the challenges of working as a gym instructor.

Our gym Instructor course covers all aspects of gym instruction. You will learn how to create personalized exercise programs for clients based on their fitness goals and assess their fitness level. Also motivate them to achieve their goals as well as the best practice of diet plans.

Throughout the course you will also learn about the benefits of sleep for exercise recovery. You will gain a range of core skills needed to become a successful gym instructor. 

With having all the information necessary to become a gym instructor, you will also gain a deeper knowledge on managing Supplements. The course also emphasizes on knowledge about the advantages of Regular Exercise.

After completing this gym Instructor course you will be able to demand a higher wage. As well as a wider variety of perks if you can show more proof of your qualifications. 

Difference between Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer

Despite the same purpose of assisting individuals on their fitness journeys, there is a significant distinction between the two jobs.

The most straightforward way to conceive of it is that the Gym Instructor is the entry point into a fitness professional. It allows you to work with gym members and get experience while strengthening your rapport. A trained personal trainer will have undergone extensive training and study. Which will assist people in achieving their own personalised fitness objectives.

Value of gym instructor in the UK 

Gym instructors in the Uk play an important role in promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles to its clients. They are in charge of developing personalised training programs. Also, showing correct exercise practises, and offering help and inspiration to customers to help them accomplish their fitness objectives. A gym instructor’s value extends beyond the physical advantages of exercise. As they also provide emotional support and encouragement to customers.

It will help them grow confidence and self-esteem. Generally, gym instructors play an important role in fostering health and well-being in the UK. In the United Kingdom, the average fitness teacher pay is £24,141 per year or £12.38 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at £21,450 per year, with most experienced professionals earning up to £44,108 per year.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

    • Know about the history of bodybuilding.
    • Gain basic information about the list of exercises.
    • Understand the workout plans and fitness plans
    • Understand the best practice of diet plans.
    • Benefits of sleep for exercise recovery.
    • Gain in-depth knowledge about the advantages of Regular Exercise.
    • Gain in-depth knowledge on managing Supplements.

Who is this  Gym Instructor course for

This Gym instructor course is perfect for anybody who is interested in fitness and want to pursue a career as a gym trainer. It is also appropriate for persons who are already working in the fitness sector. Also who want to progress their careers by further developing their skills and expertise.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast eager to share your expertise and inspire others, or someone interested in the exercise and human movement, our gym instructor course is designed to help you reach your objectives.

Why Choose Gym Instructor Course from Us

    • Self-paced course, access available from anywhere.
    • Easy to understand, high-quality study materials.
    • Course developed by industry experts.
    • MCQ quiz after each module to assess your learning.
    • Automated and instant assessment results.
    • 24/7 support via live chat, phone call or email.
    • Free PDF certificate as soon as completing the course.

Entry Requirement

There are no specific requirements for this course because it does not require any advanced knowledge or skills.

Students who intend to enrol in this course must meet the following requirements:

    • Good command of the English language
    • Must be vivacious and self-driven
    • Basic computer knowledge
    • A minimum of 16 years of age is required

Assessment Method

After completing each module of the Gym Instructor, you will find automated MCQ quizzes. To unlock the next module, you need to complete the quiz task and get at least 60% marks. Once you complete all the modules in this manner, you will be qualified to request your certification.


After completing the MCQ/Assignment assessment for this course, you will be entitled to a Certificate of Completion from Training Tale. It will act as proof of your extensive professional development. The certificate is in PDF format, which is completely free to download. A printed version is also available upon request. It will also be sent to you through a courier for £13.99.

Career Path

This Gym Instructor Training course brings up new opportunities for you to access the proper job market. But providing you with detailed knowledge and the necessary skills to succeed quickly. You will also be able to include your new abilities on your resume. Which will assist you to advance in your profession and become more competitive in your chosen pitch.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction
Module 01: Introduction 00:20:00
Module 01 Final Quiz Exam – Introduction 00:10:00
Module 02: Exercises
Module 02: Exercises 00:55:00
Module 02 Final Quiz Exam – Exercises 00:10:00
Module 03: Workout Plan
Module 03: Workout Plan 00:45:00
Module 03 Final Quiz Exam – Workout Plan 00:10:00
Module 04: Diet Plan
Module 04: Diet Plan 00:35:00
Module 04 Final Quiz Exam – Diet Plan 00:10:00
Module 05: Sleep
Module 05: Sleep 00:35:00
Module 05 Final Quiz Exam – Sleep 00:10:00
Module 06: Supplements
Module 06: Supplements 00:30:00
Module 06 Final Quiz Exam – Supplements 00:10:00

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    This course was very informative, however there was a section which had been removed & had the wrong header, I then once reading further understood what was meant. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to obtain any education in this particular field.

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