Do you want to protect your business from legal issues? Or are you worried about potential financial losses due to legalities? Our Commercial Law Course might be the solution you need!

Commercial Law Course Overview

In the world of business, ignorance of commercial laws can lead to fines and lost profits. Luckily, our Commercial Law Course can teach you everything you need! Thus, ensuring you stay on the right side of the law. Our Business Law Course will teach you about contracts, liability, and regulations. Therefore, making you an expert at dealing with legalities.

So, why wait? Enrol today, and protect your business from fines and profit losses!

Benefits of The Commercial Law Course

  • Increased Revenue: Understand the legal nuances of contracts and agreements as a commercial lawyer. Thus, ensuring fair deals and maximising profits for your business.
  • Risk Mitigation: Learn to identify potential legal risks and protect your business from lawsuits. Hence, saving a lot of unnecessary costs in legal fees and penalties.
  • Business Reputation: Knowledge of business laws builds trust among clients and partners. In turn, it improves your business reputation and attracts more customers and business deals.
  • Career Advancement: Become an expert in commercial law with our course. Thus, standing out in the market and having commercial law job options with high salaries.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will be able to gain in-depth knowledge on:

  • Basics of commercial law.
  • The law of contracts.
  • Company Legalities.
  • Intellectual property law.
  • International trade law.
  • Legal aspects of E-commerce.
  • Legal risk management in commercial transactions.

Who is the Commercial Law Course for?

  • Entrepreneurs: Are you a newly starting entrepreneur? If so, understanding commercial law is vital for your business’s success. Thus, making our Course a perfect option for you!
  • Managers: Managers always look to stay updated on the latest corporate and commercial law. Thus, making our course a great option for them!
  • Legal Professionals: Are you a professional aiming for career growth? If so, this course is perfect for improving your legal expertise to open new doors for higher positions.

Why Choose the Commercial Law Course from Us?

  • Self-paced flexibility: Learn at your own pace, from anywhere you prefer.
  • Quality assurance: One of the best law courses in the UK.
  • Comprehensive study materials: Easily grasp the content with high-quality resources.
  • Expert-developed curriculum: Gain insights from industry professionals who crafted the course.
  • Assess your knowledge: Evaluate your progress through module-based multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Immediate assessment results: Receive automated feedback and results instantly.
  • 24/7 support: Get assistance via live chat, phone, or email whenever needed.
  • Recognise your achievement: Obtain a free PDF certificate upon course completion.

Assessment Method

After completing each module of this course, you will find automated MCQ quizzes. To unlock the next module, you must complete the quiz task and get at least 60% marks. Once you complete all the modules in this manner, you will be qualified to request your certification.


After completing this course’s MCQ/Assignment assessment, you will be entitled to a Certificate of Completion from Training Tale. It will act as proof of your extensive professional development. The certificate is in PDF format, which is completely free to download. A printed version is also available upon request. It will also be sent to you through a courier for £13.99.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Commercial Law
Module 01: Introduction to Commercial Law 00:15:00
Module 02: The Law of Contracts
Module 02: The Law of Contracts 00:30:00
Module 03: Company Law
Module 03: Company Law 00:30:00
Module 04: Intellectual Property Law
Module 04: Intellectual Property Law 00:15:00
Module 05: International Trade Law
Module 05: International Trade Law 00:20:00
Module 06: Legal Aspects of E-commerce
Module 06: Legal Aspects of E-commerce 00:20:00
Module 07: Legal Risk Management in Commercial Transactions
Module 07: Legal Risk Management in Commercial Transactions 00:25:00

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