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This excellent 15 care certificate courses bundle is for all new care workers and existing staff who need refresher training.

Embark on a journey into healthcare and social care with our exclusive Care Certificate Course. Thus, this bundle includes 15 care certificate courses designed to boost your skills. Also, from safeguarding children to understanding autism, our program covers it all. Dive into a holistic learning experience, including health and safety and the 15 standards of the Care Certificate Course.

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15 Care Certificate Courses Details and Benefits

This 15 care certificate courses Bundle aims to provide the entire Care industry knowledge. This comprehensive bundle includes 15 courses. So, these are the following courses:

1) Level 2 safeguarding training: Gain essential skills to identify and respond to safeguarding concerns.

2) Safeguarding vulnerable adults training: Learn how to protect and support vulnerable adults, recognising signs of abuse or neglect.

3) Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism: Develop a deep understanding of autism.

4) Mental Health Support Worker: Acquire skills to effectively support individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

5) Level 2 Certificate in Understanding End-of-Life Care: Gain insights into providing compassionate care during the end-of-life process.

6) Childcare and Nutrition: Understand the crucial link between nutrition and childcare.

7) Adults Support Worker Course: Learn practical skills to support adults in various health and social care settings.

8) Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care: Enhance your knowledge of maintaining dignity while safeguarding adults in care settings.

9) Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care: Prepare for a role in adult social care with foundational knowledge and skills.

10) Catheter care training Course: Acquire expertise in the proper care and management of catheters. Also, ensuring patient comfort and safety.

11)  Level 2 Health and Safety at Work: Understand fundamental principles to promote a safe working environment.

12) Food Allergen Awareness Training Online: Learn to identify and manage food allergens, promoting safe food handling practices.

13) Level 4 Mental Health First Aid Certification: Attain advanced skills to provide initial support to those experiencing mental health crises.

14) Depression Counselling: Develop counselling skills specifically tailored for individuals dealing with depression.

15) Care Certificate: Gain essential skills of  15 standards of the care certificate concerns.

Who is The 15 Care Certificate Courses Bundle for?

This Skills for Certificate training package supports individuals seeking a career in health and social care settings.

This course is suitable for all care workers, health care assistants and social support workers:

  • Who are fresh to the workplace or new to care
  • Or existing staff requiring refresher training

Bundle Courses

Module 1: Basic Knowledge of Children Safeguarding
Module 2: Children and the Law
Module 3: Legislation and Policies That Surround Safeguarding Children
Module 4: Child Abuse & Its Types
Module 5: Responding to Disclosure
Module 6: The Role of Health and Other Professionals

Module 1: Basic Knowledge of Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Module 2: Adult Vulnerability|
Module 3: Abuse of Vulnerable Adult
Module 4: Responding to Concerns in Adult Safeguarding
Module 5: Whistleblowing on Safeguarding Adult
Module 6: Reporting & Procedure After Reporting

Module 01: Autism in Context
Module 02: Positive Behavioural Support for Individuals with Autism
Module 03: Understand Support and Management of Transitions for Individuals with Autism
Module 04: Therapeutic Interventions and Support Available for Individuals with Autism and Co-occurring Conditions
Module 05: Communication and Social Interaction with Individuals with Autism
Module 06: Safeguarding and Resilience in Autism

Module 01: An Overview of Mental Health
Module 02: Mental Health Support Worker
Module 03: Understanding Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
Module 04: Understanding Stress and Anxiety Disorders
Module 05: Understanding Schizophrenia
Module 06: Understanding Personality Disorders
Module 07: Understanding Mood Disorders
Module 08: Understanding Eating & Sleeping Disorders
Module 09: Understanding Self-Harm and Suicide
Module 10: Treating Mental Illness with Medication and Therapy
Module 11: Laws Related to Mental Health
Module 12: Mental Health System
Module 13: The Participation of the Service User

Module 1: Understand how to work in end-of-life Care
Module 2: Understand how to provide support to manage pain and discomfort
Module 3: End-of-life care and dementia
Module 4: Understanding the role of the care worker at the time of death
Module 5: Understand loss and grief in end-of-life Care

Module 01: Childcare and Nutrition
Module 02: Children Growth and Development
Module 03: Health and Safety of Children
Module 04: Hygiene for Child Caring
Module 05: The Use of Macronutrients
Module 06: The Use of Micronutrients
Module 07: Nutritional Requirements of Child
Module 08: Child Nutritional Problem and Physical Development
Module 09: Caring for Special Needs Children
Module 10: Child Abuse and Neglect
Module 11: Nutrition Education and Activities

Module 01: Introduction to Adults Support Worker
Module 02: Introduction to Psychology of Older Age – Part I
Module 03: Psychology of Older Age – Part II
Module 04: Impact of Mental Health in the Old Age
Module 05: Dealing with Life
Module 06: Enhancing Health And Wellbeing

Module 01: Understand Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care
Module 02: Principles of Dignity in Adult Health and Social Care Practice
Module 03: Understand Duty of Care in Adult Health and Social Care
Module 04: Understand Dilemmas and Public Concerns in Adult Health and Social Care

Module 01: Understand Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care
Module 02: Principles of Personal Development in Adult Social Care Settings
Module 03: Principles of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Adult Social Care Settings
Module 04: Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Car
Module 05: Introduction to Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings
Module 06: Understand the Role of the Social Care Worker
Module 07: Understand Person-centred Approaches in Adult Social Care Settings
Module 08: Understand Health and Safety in Social Care Settings
Module 09: Understand How to Handle Information in Social Care Settings

Module 01: Introduction And Selection of Urinary Catheters Equipment
Module 02: Indwelling Urethral Catheterisation (IUC)
Module 03: Suprapubic (SP) Catheterization
Module 04: Management of Indwelling Urinary Catheters
Module 05: Intermittent Catheterization (IC)
Module 06: Prevention and Management of Catheter Complications
Module 07: Perineal Skin Care Considerations
Module 08: Provide catheter care

Module 01: Foundations of Health and Safety at Work
Module 02: Managing Health and Safety
Module 03: Organising for Health and Safety
Module 04: Health and Safety Culture
Module 05: Health and Safety Policy
Module 06: Risk Assessment

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Consequences of Food Allergies
Module 3: Food Allergies and Intolerance
Module 4: Providing Allergen Information to Consumers
Module 5: Food Allergen Law and the Food Labelling Regulations
Module 6: Preventing Allergenic Cross-Contamination

Module 01: An Overview of Mental Health
Module 02: Mental Health First Aid: An Outline
Module 03: Mental Illness: Social Point of View
Module 04: Relevant Legislation and Services Regarding Mental Health
Module 05: Treatment of Mental Illness: Medication and Therapy
Module 06: Understanding Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
Module 07: Understanding Eating & Sleeping Disorders
Module 08: Understanding Mental Health Crisis
Module 09: Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace
Module 10: Understanding Mood Disorders
Module 11: Understanding Personality Disorders
Module 12: Understanding Schizophrenia
Module 13: Understanding Self-Harm and Suicide
Module 14: Understanding Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Module 01: Depression and Dysphoria and the Counselling Relationship
Module 02: Depression in Child Counselling
Module 03: Dementia Awareness
Module 04: Cognitive Models of Helping and Change for Depressed Clients
Module 05: Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
Module 06: Challenging Negative Thinking and Developing Inner Warmth
Module 07: Self-Harm and Suicide
Module 08: Medication and Therapy in the Treatment of Mental Illness
Module 09: Termination and Personal Reflections on Depression

Module 1: Understand Your Role
Module 2: Developing A Personal Development Plan
Module 3: Duty of care
Module 4: Equality and diversity
Module 5: Work in a person-centred way
Module 6: Communication
Module 7: Privacy and dignity
Module 8: Fluids and nutrition
Module 9: Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities
Module 10: Safeguarding adults
Module 11: Safeguarding children
Module 12: Basic life support
Module 13: Health and safety
Module 14: Handling information
Module 15: Infection prevention and control

Course Curriculum

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