Level 1 First Award in Children’s Play Learning and Development




Playing is a natural and enjoyable way for kids to stay active, healthy, and happy. Freely chosen play promotes the healthy development of children and adolescents. From birth until they are teenagers, they require a variety of unstructured play opportunities to maintain good physical and mental health and to learn life skills. This Level 1 First Award in Children’s Play Learning and Development is designed to help you understand the different types of play that children engage in, as well as your role in encouraging it. This course demonstrates how contemporary theories about children’s learning and development influence how play is valued and supported in early childhood settings. Our course provides you with a complete understanding of the skills and requirements of this profession.

This Level 1 First Award in Children’s Play Learning and Development is ideal for Early Years Teachers, Practitioners, Childminders, Home Educators and early childhood students. Children learn to get along with one another, cooperate, communicate effectively, problem solve, and resolve conflicts as they play together. This play-based course is essential for a child’s social and emotional development, such as the ability to develop positive relationships with others.

This course is intended to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to work in the early childhood sector.  Playing can help children improve their social skills. It helps a child to explore their feelings by listening, paying attention, and sharing play experiences. This course emphasizes a holistic view of child development and work experience to help in the development of practical skills required for working with children. This program will also equip you in your personal growth process.

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